Umbrella of the Forest, Supporting Green Scenery - Rainshed in the Science Popularization and Touris

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Case Overview

Project Name: Prince Mountain Forest Park Science Popularization Tourist Area Styling Canopy

Project address: Zizishan Forest Park, Huadu District, Guangzhou City

Engineering board: Yuemei brand Tianfulai series 10MM milky white PC hollow sunlight board

Project scale: 900 m ²

As a high-quality building material with strong applicability, PC solar panels are mainly used for the following reasons:

1. It has good flexibility and plasticity: it can be cold or hot bent on the construction site according to design requirements, making installation more flexible and convenient. The bending radius of PC solar panels may reach 175 times the thickness of the board, and a thickness of 10mm can be bent into a radius of 1.75 meters, which is one of the ideal materials for daylighting design.

2. Strong decorative properties: PC solar panels have a beautiful appearance and can be used as decorative materials for buildings. They not only provide lighting effects, but also increase the aesthetics of the building.

3. Good transparency: PC solar panels have high transparency, which can effectively utilize natural light, reduce the demand for indoor lighting, and thus save energy.

4. Strong impact resistance: PC solar panels have high impact resistance, can withstand large impact forces, are not easy to break, and are safer and more reliable to use.

5. Lightweight: The proportion of PC solar panels is relatively small, only about half of that of glass, which can greatly reduce transportation, handling, and installation costs.

6. Easy to clean and maintain: The surface of the PC sunboard is smooth, not easy to accumulate dirt, easy to clean and maintain, saving cleaning and maintenance costs.

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